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Friday, September 24, 2010

Don't Be Ridiculous!

We are a homeschooling family. I offer that without judgment, expectation, agenda or calls for sympathy. Instead, I give it to provide context for the email exchange below that occurred this morning between Katrina and me.

Email #1…
From: Katrina
To: Chris
Our children are ridiculous people.
Don't come home.
I may need to get out my disintegration ray gun.
It may not be pretty.


Email #2…
From: Chris
To: Katrina

Staying away.
Leave a pile of food and meet me at S’bucks.

Email #3…
To: Chris
I'm leaving now.

Although virtual, exchanges like this are vital to our marriage, our children, and our sanity. The pressure lessens with a bit of humor and shared commiseration. Our kids can be ridiculous…but then we can be too. In some ways, I feel like I never mature beyond ridiculousness (is that a word?). And often in the unveiling of my children’s ridiculousness, I see a mirror of my own which can be humbling. Humble parenting is not a bad place to work from.

Finally, for those who are concerned, the disintegration ray gun was created only in our imagination for the purpose of coping and said creators stand far from the actuality of putting anything like that into use. Ever.

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