"The whole outlook of mankind might be changed if we could all believe that we dwell under a friendly sky and that the God of heaven, though exalted in power and majesty, is eager to be friends with us." - A.W. Tozer


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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Humble Earth Dweller

Our Lord Jesus~

Creation’s Conductor. 

Master of Angels.

Heaven’s sweet Prince.

A servant of boundless perfection. 

Obedient and kind, you gave for our gain.

A glorious submission.

Immaculate incarnation.

Salvation’s hero.

Uncompromised humanity and full-dosed divinity.

Oh, mysterious oneness!

You shared our air and toiled in our thorns.

Wrestled frustrations and fought disappointment.

Knew hunger and need.

Tasted betrayal.

You wept.

For us and with us as one of us.

A humble earth dweller. 

Pioneer of grace. Embodiment of Truth.

Our wounded healer.

Our champion of love.

Love unbroken. Unqualified. Undeserved.

Abundant in application.

A merciful draught for withering souls.

We drink deep.

We remember your advent.
We yearn for your justice.

We exist by your goodness. 

And we celebrate.


Long expected, our only hope in life and death.

Once humble babe now ruler and King.

Our Savior. Our Lord.

Our Emmanuel.

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  1. Thank you, Chris. Your devotion to Christ and the humility of your soul flows out of your poetry. The past two weeks have been a jumble of unexpected stresses and Thanksgiving Day was barely a groan. Thank you for this reminder that there is a celebration ahead that outshines the shadows of the present life.